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Aspire - a full demonstration on how the platform supports students

In this webinar we will be giving a full overview of the support available within the Four Pillars of Aspire (Study Skills, Assistive Technology, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Career Related Learning).

We will also be demonstrating how the Aspire my 'projects' and 'to-do' list can improve organisation and reduce anxiety.

In recent months Aspire has drastically enhanced the content within our Mental Health and Wellbeing section to ensure our users have up to date, relevant support with a full new section on ‘Returning to campus’ following 18 months of 'remote learning'.

Come along to the seminar and discover how Aspire can support a wide range of students with disabilities.

Dominic Bennett.


How human and digital support combine to support independence in education and at work

This session will take you through the journey people go on when using the Brain in Hand digital support system. You’ll see how our combination of human support and technology can help develop life skills to enhance educational experiences and transitions into the workplace, and how we support users throughout their entire journey with us. Find out how Brain in Hand can complement other support, and how it helps people take control of their own independence.

We look forward to welcoming you to our session.

Hayley Wyatt and Rebecca George.


How ClaroRead and Writing Helper can support reading and writing

Dyslexia or any difficulty with writing and reading can be a big barrier to learning, studying and working. Claro Software offers solutions so that you can concentrate on your task with less stress. During the session, we will demonstrate the main features of Writing Helper, which helps students to organise written assignments, like essays, reports and dissertations, and ClaroRead, which can read any text aloud using high-quality voices and highlighting, tint the screen a different colour, use word prediction and lots more.

Stuart Marsden.


How has DSA student support changed since the COVID-19 pandemic and how have we adapted to it?

In this seminar, eQuality Solutions will look at how student expectation and opinion of remote and online support has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic and how our DSA provision has adapted to this. We will look at responses from recent student surveys and share insights from our own students and Non-Medical Help consultants as well as showcase how Learning Labs has adapted to meet resulting mental health needs for individual students and Higher Education Institutions.

Chris Collier and Michelle Brown.


Introduction to Essay Writer

Essay Writer's seminar aims to provide an in-depth introduction to attendees. This will be inclusive of a live demonstration of the software in action. Attendees will be walked through many features such as; split-screen view, paragraph structuring, brainstorming and applying ideas to a dynamic map, referencing and more.

Helen-Louise Rowe and Callum Ferguson.


FindMyFlow: Student insights – the key that unlocks the future of eLearning

FindMyFlow created a stir when it launched at ATEC in 2017, but we didn’t stop there. Team FindMyFlow has been busy creating, testing, developing, but just as importantly, listening to the students who are the heart of everything we do.

So, what’s next for Team FindMyFlow? Join us for an insight-packed seminar where we’ll dive into our latest student survey results and show you how feedback and analytics help us make intelligent improvements to the platform.

Matt Dean.


Glean - Solving your student's note taking challenges

Glean provides a simple, four step note-taking framework that is easy to understand and will change the way students take notes. Attend this seminar to find out more about Glean, proven to help students with neuro differences and disabilities produce better notes.

The 4-step process:

Capture: Glean’s capture functions mean you never miss a thing.
Organise: Make sense of your notes with Glean’s simple organisation tools.
Refine: Enrich your notes after class by adding text, uploading slides and reviewing key moments.
Integrate: Reap the rewards by integrating Glean into your learning process.

Glean will change the way your students learn forever!

Lee Chambers.


Increase productivity, reduce stress and keep moving forwards with Global AutoCorrect & Global Tasks

Join us to learn how Global AutoCorrect & Global Tasks can support anyone with spelling and organisation skills. The seminar will show both tools in action and focus on users getting the best out of them.

Global AutoCorrect is a comprehensive and discreet software solution that automatically corrects spelling errors in any program as you type. It is ideal for those who have working memory issues, difficulty concentrating, are distracted by errors and red underlines, or lack confidence with writing. 

Global Tasks is the task management solution that helps you stay on top of your work and in control of what you need to do. Designed specifically with dyslexia, mental health and neurodiversity in mind, Global Tasks lets you see the big picture, hide the noise and focus on the highest priority tasks.

Bob Preston.


Specialist disability technology and service solutions to support students 

Find out about the latest developments for visual impairment solutions and ergonomics.



NEW features to Inspiration 10 & RD – It just gets better and better!

In this session, discover the new features and enhancements that have been added to Inspiration 10 and Inspiration RD, to boost achievement and success in education and the workplace. You will see why 89% of disability, needs assessor and AT practitioners say they are more likely to recommend Inspiration to others, after seeing these new features!

  • Citation tool, that allows users to add multiple references to symbols and branches on their visual map.
  • Bibliography generator, that will automatically collect and sort all the citations into a dedicated Bibliography section within the Outline View. Users can then preview before exporting.
  • New way to add multiple hyperlinks to a symbol.
  • Copy to Clipboard feature, allowing Diagrams and Outlines to be quickly pasted into apps like Google Docs and OneNote.
    Export style headings, when transferring files to Word or to the Clipboard.
  • Work focused templates.

This latest version will be due out 1st November.

Reeza Awoodun.


Write Smarter, with Confidence, Turbocharge your typing using the world’s leading AI-powered writing assistant

Come and join Nikita for this seminar on the benefits of using Lightkey and how it can assist those individuals you assess and support.

This live demonstration using Lightkey, will take you through all the features and benefits of the product, from the real time grammar corrections, spelling corrections utilising over 60 in-built dictionaries, the multi word text predictions in over 80 languages and many other great ways that LightKey can help. There will be a chance to ask questions and to gain access to the software yourself.

Nikita Archer.


Using technology to alleviate presentation anxiety and increase confidence in the classroom

In the classroom, 25% of students fear oral communication, but this figure hits a staggering 86% amongst students with specific learning differences - who often struggle with public speaking, due to the working memory and social challenges these situations present.

Join Joe Dawber, UK Education Manager at Present Pal, who will be discussing these challenges and how Present Pal, an accessible working memory aid, can improve confidence and presentation skills for students with disabilities.

Joe Dawber.


Pro-Study and the Pro-Study Assist App – How can they help your students to stay organised in these disorganised times?

With blended learning set to become the new norm, with Pro-Study and the newly released companion app Pro-Study Assist collecting and organising study material has never been more accessible. Even for group work!

Poor organisational skills are often a common trait of the Neurodiverse. Pro-Study’s search and retrieve database of collected study material will aid students starting projects and assignments along with helping to suppress those research anxieties.

Research, Organising and Referencing are Pro-Study’s bread and butter. Join Sam for a 40 minute workshop to discover exactly why that is.

Sam Cock.


Support for literacy with the ReaderPen

The session will focus on how ReaderPens can provide access to printed text to assist those with neurodiverse differences and how it supports with literacy development and engagement. The session will also outline the supports available for assessors, students who are entitled to DSA and employers or employees who are in receipt of Access to Work. The ReaderPens are a great solution for independent reading. Users are able to use the ReaderPen in many settings developing their reading independence and confidence.

Pj Balderstone.


NEW TO ATEC – TextAid Literacy Support

TextAid – For the first time at ATEC, join our session to discover TextAid, the complete, easy-to-use Reading, Writing, and Studying Literacy Support Tool. At ReadSpeaker, our rich experience working globally with accessibility professionals and educational institutions has allowed us to create the most complete literacy support service available today, and it’s now available via the DSA.

Mary Wilcox.


Making all content accessible for students with Texthelp products

We’ll be exploring how Texthelp tools such as Read&Write & EquatIO® work together to build a technology ‘toolkit’ to support students from the moment they consider attending an HEI right through to their degree - a range of software tools that, when used together, can support students with differing needs across many disciplines offering inclusion and equity of access for all. Whether students are studying English or maths, sciences and technology, Texthelp tools make reading, writing and maths on digital devices easier and more rewarding. This session will demonstrate how these tools work across all platforms and can be personalised by students to deliver the best support, for a richer and more inclusive learning experience.

Nicole Michael.

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