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Aspire - An overview of the student support platform

In this seminar, you will receive a full overview of the four pillars of support within Aspire - Study Skills, Assistive Technology, Mental Health & Wellbeing and Career Related learning.

We will also be giving a detailed demonstration of the new mobile which has been designed to specifically support with students mental health and wellbeing alongside organisation.

Brain In Hand - How a blend of technology and human support can increase success in education and the workplace

At our session, we’ll share how digital tools can help students and employees recognise their own goals and strengths, create solutions for overcoming problems and guide them towards independently managing time, studies and work. Our session will cover how the Brain in Hand system can be personalised, building capability tailored to individual needs. Including a practical display of the system, we’ll give an insight into the human support involved in the user’s journey and demonstrate how we complement support services. By sharing some of our latest real-life stories and outcomes, we’ll demonstrate how users have been able to successfully transition to university, work towards completing their university degrees and transition into and thrive in the workplace.

Brand New Caption.Ed - AI powered captioning and note-taking

Join the team at Caption.Ed and learn about the leading edge captioning and note-taking software. Caption.Ed now provides students with the ability to caption any interaction, but also highlight key information and annotate their captions.

Learn about all the latest features, see Caption.Ed in action and ask the team your burning questions.

Crawford Technologies - Why document accessibility matters in higher education

Central to equal participation by disabled students is access to high-quality course content and learning materials. Unfortunately, for assistive technology users, this access is often impeded by badly created, inaccessible documents, digital content and online resources.

In this session, we'll review the challenges that HEIs and other public sector organisations are facing in providing compliant and accessible content that meets the needs of students and service users.

We will also share how the AccessibilityNow® platform can help you find, test and fix your existing documents, making them accessible and usable for everyone.

eQS logo

eQuality Solutions - Why consider personalisation when working with individuals with disabilities?

Join Tim and Natasha for a talk on why personalisation is important when working with individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities.

FindMyFlow - The NEW FindMyFLow: Supercharging Student Learning

We’re excited to share with you all the new features and developments that have been driven by our vision to deliver the most engaging and intuitive platform. FindMyFlow v3 gives students what they need, when they need it, expanding their skills and confidence.

Join us and be the first to experience the evolution of FindMyFlow.

Glean - New features to Glean: Transcription and more to help students produce even better notes!

Glean is the #1 note taking solution within DSA, as well as the favourite for many universities and colleges in the UK and globally.

Our latest release is even better, adding a powerful transcription feature to the note taking journey. We are continually working hard to add new features and in this session you'll see a demonstration of the new transcription feature in Glean,  as well as all the other new features that have been added.

Inspiration - The power of simultaneous visual mapping & outlining: hear from users with brain injuries, neuro-differences and mental health challenges

In this session, we’ll introduce you to the latest version of Inspiration 10 and showcase a series of case studies from Inspiration users with brain injuries, autism, mental health challenges and dyslexia.

We’ll explore how users employ Inspiration in study, work and their personal life; looking at challenges they face and how the software helps them - mapping their ideas visually and using the outline features to support their writing.

Inspiration 10 is rated Excellent on TrustPilot and recently won an Education Resource Award; described by the judges as innovative and exciting for the visual thinker, helping many users to think more creatively.

MindView - Creating Inclusive Environments with MindView Assistive Mind Mapping

MindView is an essential part of a organisations AT Toolkit, helping to facilitate a more inclusive environment. MindView Assistive Software is tailored for users with Dyslexia, ADHD, and Autism, encouraging creativity for all types of thinkers.

MindView is AA rated, WCAG compliant and has many built in assistive features that help improve your reading and writing skills, increase productivity and instantly eliminate writers block. You will question “how did I ever live without MindView?”

During this seminar:

  • How Mind Mapping has evolved with technology trends
  • Case study insights into how organisations deploy MindView AT
  • A real world example of MindView in action

Nuance - Dragon Professional Individual expands the boundaries of speech recognition technology, but how well do you know Dragon and the benefits it offers?

In 2022 Dragon celebrates 25 years of innovation and changing the world for many users with is speech recognition technology. In this session we will look at the features and benefits of using Dragon and how it can provide users with an alternative to typing and providing a lifeline to those with a disability proving to be a valuable tool for students and those in the workplace.

During this seminar we will look at the following:

  • Features and benefits of Dragon Professional Individual
  • Case studies within study and workplace environments
  • Dragon and other AT Software

Teacher and student using OrCam

OrCam Learn - A game-changing, revolutionary solution to learning

OrCam Learn partners with each student as it empowers students with learning challenges - such as dyslexia - to read any text, strengthen reading fluency & comprehension, and evaluate progress along the way.

Present Pal

Present Pal - Why are presentations challenging and how can we better support students with this common task?

95% of students need to present as part of their university course but 89% of students with disabilities find presentations challenging - why is this the case?

In this short educational seminar, Joe Dawber (Present Pal) will be introducing recent research findings to help understand some of the reasons why students with disabilities struggle with presentations. He will also discuss how the Present Pal app can be used as a tool to better support students to overcome challenges and become more confident communicators.

ProStudy Screenshot

Pro-Study (online edition) - Major update. Now available across all platforms!

Pro-Study is pleased to announce a new version of the software that is available across all platforms. Come join us to see how Pro-Study is the leading software for taking the stress out of collecting, organising and referencing research for your assignments. This latest release can now be used on Windows, MAC and Chromebooks and of course all your portable devices through the project assist App.

Reader Pen

Scanning Pens - Support for literacy with the Reader Pen

The session will focus on how ReaderPens can provide access to printed text to assist those with neurodiverse differences and how it supports with literacy development and engagement. The session will also outline the supports available for assessors, students who are entitled to DSA and employers or employees who are in receipt of Access to Work. The ReaderPens are a great solution for independent reading. Users are able to use the ReaderPen in many settings developing their reading independence and confidence.

TextAid Screenshot

TextAid - A helping hand when reading and writing

Join Mary as she guides you through all of TextAid's many tools which are available through your browser:

  • Listen to any text (including websites and pictures) with highlighting
  • Annotate documents to aid understanding and complete forms
  • Capture text when revising and summarising
    Access your documents from the TextAid Library – no need to remember to save
  • Format text to make it easier to read


The Texthelp Group - Creating Assistive Technology with users, and making it inclusive

Design can sometimes be done in a vacuum by talented experts who do their best to understand user needs, but the best design has users at the front of the whole process. In your experience of using technology (and AT in particular), do you always feel that all of your needs have been fully understood by the tools you’re using? This session will cover:

● How innovation can and should involve users

● Some compromises and pitfalls

● Is today’s perfect solution the same as tomorrow’s?

● Inclusive versus Assistive technology

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